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2015 Leadership School returns to Colorado

Watch for details.

2013 Photos from San Angelo, TX

2012 Photos

Click here to view 2012 Leadership School photos from the East Coast, PA.


The Howard Wyman Sheep Industry Leadership School is made possible with continuing support from the American Lamb Board, National Sheep Industry Improvement Center and the American Sheep Industry Association.

In addition, NLFA thanks each of our Legacy Fund donors for their support:

Philip W. Cohn
Harper Feedlot, Harold Harper
Mike Harper Livestock, Mike Harper
Silverdale Farms, Tom & Karin Watson
SRC Milling Co., Mike Kohler &
   Les Oesterreich
Roswell Wool, Mike Corn
Rocky Mountain Sheep Marketing Assn.
Bowman Wool & Livestock,
   Tom Melaney
Premier Sheep Supplies, Stan Potratz
Utah Wool Marketing, Will Griggs
C.D. Ranches, Milt Ward
Godby Sheep Co., Don Godby
Double J Lamb Feeders, Jay Hasbrouck
Indart Ranches, Ryan Indart
Sussex Ranch, Don Meike
Nichols Livestock, Tom Nichols
Fairmeadow Farm, Carol Postley
Schreier Farms, Steve Schreier
Ernest Woodward Ranches
Four Hills Farm, Jim Mansfield
Lambalot Acres, Duane Klindworth
Boyd Livestock Service, Stan Boyd
Oversea Casing Co., Michael Mayo
Triple J. Ranch, Jason Jamison
Tunby Ranch, Randy Tunby
Milt Heins Wool & Livestock
Hay Creek Ranch, Gordon & Niki Clark
Cindy Harrold
Dan Lippert
Alice Newth
H. Kenneth Johnson
Kevin Halverson
Kathy Meyer
Margaret Waite
Micky Burch
Mark Dumdi
Rufas C. DeZeeuw


In 1950, Howard Wyman helped organize the National Lamb Feeders Association. He served as president, secretary-treasurer, and in 1986, he began what has become the annual Sheep Industry Leadership School. In 1996, the NLFA Board honored his contribution by renaming the school the Howard Wyman Sheep Industry Leadership School.