Indian Railways Transporting Sheep

August 13, 2019 admin 0

Transportation of goods is one of the major revenue sources of Indian railways. Daily 5000 trains run which carry commodities like coal, iron ore, live animals like sheep and many other items.

Transporting live animals is a quite challenging task as it involves so much cost. Proper care should be taken to implement the freight management system. Otherwise, the railways can run into unknown issues. Transportation of live animals is completely handled by professionals. In this article, we will cover the Indian railways and how they carry sheep in the trains.

Indian Railways History

Indian Railways (IR) was started on 16th April 1853. It is operated by Ministry of Railways. It is nationalized in the year 1951. Today IR is the largest rail network in Asia and the second largest network in the world operated under single management. It is playing a crucial role in both social and economic improvement … Read the rest