About the NLFA

National Lamb Feeders, started in 1950 by three men who lived through the sheep-buying, selling and shipping days of the 1930s and 1940s. It is a story steeped in history as rich as the sheep industry itself.

Their dream of an organization that would assist lamb feeders and their belief in what individuals devoting their time, energy and resources could accomplish for the lamb feeding industry came true.

2017 Board of Directors

Vice President & Treasurer
Bob Harlan (WY)
Immediate Past President Steve Schreier (MN)
Directors to 2018 Reed Anderson (OR)
Jeff Hasbrouck (CO)
Directors to 2019 Steve Lewis (NM)
Stan Boyd (ID)
Directors to 2020 Ryan Indart (CA)
Forrest Arthur (ID)


Sheep are produced in nearly every state, making fresh American Lamb available year-round. The top 5 sheep producing states are Texas, California, Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota.